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China Max Montgomery Mall Not Customer Friendly
writes, "Don't expect to get exactly what you have ordered here."
Now what is the best thing about sweet snd sour chicken? The sauce! It's all in the sauce. After my son ordered a kid size sweet and sour chicken, we requested another sauce. The original container of sauce was not even half full so you could barely flavor your food with the sauce. After requesting another container of sauce they insisted that for $2.99 you only get one sauce. I proceeded to explain that the container wasn't full and the quantity given was not sufficient. They insisted on not giving any additional sauce unless I paid more. So I said, you want to charge me $2.99 for another sauce? They said no, 50 cents. So I said here is my credit card if you choose to charge me 50 cents for less than 1/2 an ounce of sauce. She proceed to scoop up a tablespoon of orange chicken flavored sauce. I alerted her that I ordered sweet and sour chicken, not orange chicken. She insisted it was the same sauce. I questioned it in my mind but took the sauce back to my son who ordered the kids meal. He tasted it and was sorely dissatisfied as it was not the sweet and sour sauce flavor. I couldnt let it go so i went back to the counter and told them it was not the same flavor. My son was unable to finish his food due to dissapointment so before I left I told them I would be doing an Internet review as sweet and sour is not the same as as orange chicken and they do not treat customers right. Before writing this blog, I found a Google review that indicated that a customer found an insect in the food and when the customer tried to get his money back they only agreed to giving half the money back because half of the food was already eaten. I don't believe we will be eating at China Max anymore.


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